Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Yesterday I went shopping. I bought yarn to finish up the kimono and also a new toy:
Kimono WIP and New Toy
Can you tell what it is?
New Toy
How about now?

Isn't it cute? It weighs up to 250 g at 0.1 g resolution. It's pretty small, but I mostly weigh sock yarn, and I don't really have much room anyway. I figure I can use a light plastic bowl for weighing larger amounts. (The larger model cost $10 more and wasn't as accurate, although it could weigh heavier amounts.)

Heh... my brother's first comment was about not having it when I cross the border. ;) "But officer, I use it to weigh my yarn! Really!"


Deneen said...

Cool-I use a digital postal scale for all my yarn weighing and it's eerily accurate.

Daph said...

Very cool! I bet that will come in handy. Your brother's comment cracked me up too, lol!