Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Rubbermaid Containers

Saturday night I realized what the puddles meant... it was spring. Now, spring is not usually an "ohmygosh" issue, but I had boxes in the garage that I still hadn't dealt with, and were in danger of flooding!

Sunday I brought those boxes in to the basement (there were five), and finally got around to washing out the rubbermaid containers that a friend gave me. The containers were from my friend's aunt's place and smelled kind of like old lady, plus they had some dust and crud in them. However, the price (free) was right!

Now to deal with those last boxes and the junk on flat surfaces, and I'll be all settled in. It'll sure be nice to have a tidy room again, but the last stuff is always what takes the longest. (Which is inevitably why I leave it for last.)


Deneen said...

Why does stuff from an "old" person's house smell like an old person house? I don't get it. My husband's mother's house didn't smell like an old person's house when she was there, but after she passed away, the stuff from there smelled like an "old person's" house-and how come all old person's stuff smells the same?

noricum said...

I wondered that too recently, and a friend of mine suspected it was the smell of decaying old furnature, all that old glue and foam and stuff. I don't know if it's true or not, but it does make sense. Old people tend to have old furnature.