Saturday, March 03, 2007

Stash Burning

I had a bag of kitchen cotton sitting on my floor that I don't have room for in my yarn bin(s). It was leftovers given to me by a friend, and didn't have a designated project. It was cluttering up my floor. I decided a fun way to do some "cleaning" of my room would be to use up this yarn, and what better way than Mason-Dixon's Absorba bathmat?
Using Up Kitchen Cotton Leftovers
Absorba uses double worsted weight kitchen cotton, three strands held together. Since this is regular kitchen cotton, that means I held *six* strands together. This would be a fast knit if wrestling with six strands of non-stretchy cotton was less labour-intensive and/or easier on the hands. However, it's still chewing up the cotton at a pretty decent rate:
Using Up Kitchen Cotton Leftovers

Going through the bag I even found a scrap that, although doesn't appear to be Rowan handknit cotton dk, is similar weight and softness:
If I add some pink stripes, does that mean the recipient has to be a girl? I suppose it depends on the parents.

Well, my hands are sore and tired, and it's past my bedtime. Good night!

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