Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Better But Fragile

I'm feeling better, but fragile. I don't have a headache any more, I'm not grumpy any more, but I have a very fragile feeling. Like it won't take much to push me over the edge to crying, but I'm otherwise happy. I was just thinking today would be a good day to walk dad's dog when I got home, and enjoy the sunshine and warmth. Then I remembered that the warmth was yesterday. *sigh*

Here's something cheery:
African Violets
There was a plant sale in one of the buildings today, so H bought this and some mini daffodils for her mom.

We also stopped by the optometrist to try on frames so I could get a second opinion. (My appointment tomorrow is for after H goes home.) We found a $100 pair that looks quite good on me. Yes, there are cheaper frames elsewhere, but these people have really good service, and also don't sell frames that'll fall apart quickly. If I go somewhere else, I'm guessing I'll regret what I get. So, between frames, lenses, and eye exam, this will be at least $300. I hope I don't need fancier lenses, but I suspect I may. I think I remember I have a bit of astigmatism, which probably adds to the cost, and I think I usually go for the thinner lenses so they're not so heavy. Well, I'll find out tomorrow.

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