Thursday, March 29, 2007

River Rising

The river is definitely rising. Yesterday afternoon as I went over the Osborne Street Bridge, I could see that the riverwalk was below water. (The time before I could still see the riverwalk.) The rivers look even higher this morning. There's still ice on the river (at least in the center, where the river was over winter), but it's cracking into big chunks.

We had rain overnight, switching to snow this morning for my bus ride in. There doesn't appear to be any sort of water falling from the sky right now, although it's still grey out.

Spring doesn't really feel like a real season to me... it's more of a short transition between winter and summer.


KelliAmanda said...

Are your allergies as bad up there as they were down here, with pollen and whatnot? We've had a bit of rain today which has cleared the air some, but the cars were yellow with tree pollen yesterday. Lovely. :-/

noricum said...

My allergies don't seem to have started up yet. Occasionally I'll sneeze or blow my nose, but nothing yet to make me take my antihistamines.

Liz said...

Around here we call spring "almost summer."

By the way, you've got me craving donuts so bad. There's a donut place on the corner that's been calling my name for like two days now.

noricum said...

I call spring "mud".

Sorry Liz! (They aren't worth it!)

Update on the river: it's even higer today... not even the low wall by the riverwalk, or other bits, were poking out. The ice is still on the middle, though.