Monday, March 19, 2007

March's Lion Roars

Yesterday it slushed. That is, it snowed, it rained, and sometimes it was something in the middle. The once dry sidewalks got covered by an inch of very heavy (according to my mom, I wasn't shovelling... long explanation of why not) slush.

This morning it was -10 C, and that slush was now rough ice. Had it been smoother, skates would have been a viable option. I was pretty careful, but one momentary lapse of attention and my ass met ice. What's worse is the *wind*. Boy, is it ever strong! According to Environment Canada, the wind is NNW 45 km/h gust 59 km/h (I'm thinking downtown buildings funnelled it to even higher), and the temperature is actually -16 C... or -29 C with windchill.

So much for spring!

Spring? Spring is for wusses!

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