Monday, March 12, 2007


Spring is definitely here, the snow is *very* sloppy. I managed to keep my feet dry only because whenever my foot sank into seemingly solid snow, it took a second for the water to rush in.

Glasses: I called my optometrist, and they don't have appoinment openings until June. I guess I'll go to some walk-in place. I asked about my prescription, and it turns out I haven't had one since December 01. I knew it had been a while, but *five* years?!?! Yeppers, I guess it really is time to go in. My glasses are scratched, but I'm surprised they aren't worse!

Dad's going to chip in for some of the cost. There's an optician at the university... when I stopped in to ask today, I found out that single-vision glasses there start at $200 for frames, lenses, and coatings, and range up over $800. (Plus eye exam... I forgot to ask about that, mostly because I expected my own doc to do it.) They have a 20% off sale on Versace, Prada, and D&G frames, but I'm guessing those aren't the $60 ones. (Frames started at $60, lenses and coatings were $140+.)

Update: I have an appointment for an eye exam Thursday at 3:20 at the university... $60 instead of $70 at mom and B's place. I'll see if they have any frames I like at the low end of the scale, and if not, I'll take the prescription elsewhere. Had I been under 18 or over 65, the eye exam would have been free. *sigh* The joys of being basically unemployed at the age of 31. Oh well. At least I didn't have any cavities this year. ;)


Deneen said...

Wal-Mart here is the US is being bought out by America's Best Eyewear (2 pair for $150). I bought glasses there several years ago, still wear the sunglasses (which were extra, of course, because of the lenses).

BJ's Wholesale club has a decent selection, reasonable also.

Mike has a horrible astigmatism-never can get any of the special prices and his glasses generally cost about $400. Elena's cost about $100 and mine about $200-but I get the changing color lens thing, etc.

noricum said...