Monday, March 26, 2007


Last night we turned the TV on to the weather, and saw this:
Weather Statement
Oh my! What's up?!? It must tell us on the next screen!
Nope... a very benign-looking current conditions screen came next. Let's try the other weather channel. Nope, nothing there either. Back to Environment Canada. There it is again! The black screen of death!
Weather Statement
Look: the stupid thing doesn't even tell us the web page address, phone number, or even radio station! This is useless! Maybe it'll tell us what's worthy of this unusual black screen of death this time?
Nope... just the current conditions again. Okay... I need to get my camera and blog about this stupidity.

Back with the camera... more current conditions, other benign stuff... hey! It's giving actual information now! Where we can find out what the black screen means:
Weather Information Sources
The actual weather statment:
Even road conditions!
Road Conditions
What happened to the black screen now that I have my camera!?! ...Ah! Finally:
Weather Statement

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