Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Dang Bloglines... anyone know why it occasionally unsubscribes me from some of my feeds? I only look at what's marked as new, so sometimes it takes me quite a while to realize something is missing. Or, sometimes I see the feed count go down, but then can't figure out what is missing. Aargh!

Note: I just realized at least one of my feeds has been unsubscribed... and from the number of total feeds, I think it may be more. Well, I can at least resubscribe to the one I *know* went missing.

Note two: If I've been subscribed to your blog in the past, and then unsubscribed from you without me making an "I need to prune my subscriptions" post here... prod me. It's very likely unintentional.

Note three: I seem to remember Bloglines saying they check feedback in posts containing "freedback"... hence the title of this post. If you're a Bloglines employee reading this, can you enter some sort of bug report? Thanks!

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