Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Spring Knitty

Spring is here! Well, the spring issue of Knitty is, at least. (And the weather forecast around here predicts melting too!)

I think my three probable-knits ("probable" due to the high want-to-knit to low time-to-knit ratio) in this issue are Tahoe, Isabella, and a grown-up version of Briar Rose. And although I don't plan to knit them (I don't tend to knit socks), I really admire the Clessidra socks... very well designed, and pretty too. :)


Julie said...

I like all the socks, love Tahoe (I might even make that one someday soon - maybe) and Isabella too. Ribena is really pleasing to me also.

Bethany said...

I like Isabella except for how low the neckline comes (easily fixed, I think) and how wide the shoulder straps are (presumably fixable, too). I also think it would look better if it had the lace band all the way down instead of eyelets. So I guess I like Isabella except for all the things I want to change. :-)

I admit I'm a little skeptical that the bit where the lace ends on top would lie flat nicely like it does in the pictures instead of flopping over. I'll have to let someone else make it first and see. :-) (Who am I kidding? I've knitted exactly 1" of hem facing of the sleeve of Rogue and that's it. I'll have time to let a few hundred people make it first and see.)

noricum said...

Hmm... good points on the neckline depth (easy to change) and the points laying flat. I sort of think of it as a sleeveless T rather than a tank. It might be interesting to put decreases equal to the lace width right beside the lace, and then attach the lace up at the shoulders.

Yeah, I've got a ton of projects I need to finish first too. ;)

Hmmm... if I do the KnitPicks shine sweater I'm "designing", perhaps I'll have enough left over for this? (I overbought, because I hate running out. When I'm making up the pattern, I like to be on the safe side.)

Bethany said...

I agree about the sleeveless T thing -- I don't know that I'd want straps as narrow as a standard tank, but I would want them to be narrower than my actual shoulders. :-) I also thought that running the lace up the front and down the back might be a nice way to solve possible lace-flop issues but I actually do think the neckline looks pretty cool as shown provided it doesn't flop over.

I just read the dying article and really want to try making varigated yarn in a single color using the dip technique she presented. However, I can't figure out in what alternate universe "real" acid dyes and the associated chemicals (usually only vinegar, salt if you feel like it) are dangerous and hard to come by. I'd hate to see people put off trying them because a Knitty article said they were dangerous.

I've got to hurry up and order more dye. Hmm, I still have one blank skein of sock yarn and I've still got a number of colors of dye left...

noricum said...

I haven't gotten around to reading the articles yet... they're on my to-do list.