Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Baked Expectations

Mmmmm! I went to Baked Expectations last night with friends.
Baked Expectations Goodies
I had "crazy chocolate cake"... it's chocolate cake with a layer of chocolate cheesecake and another of chocolate mousse, all covered in chocolate ganache. Mmmm. I think I may have been happier with a regular slice of chocolate cheesecake, but before tasting I was having difficulty deciding... and this slice basically had all of the options I was considering wrapped up in one. ;)

The area of town that Baked Expectations is in is definitely quirky. On the side street that I parked on, these two neon signs were in the windows of two houses opposite each other:
Skim Homo
I know they're a bit unclear... one says "skim" with a devil's tail, and the other says "homo" with a halo. Hee hee! (For any non-Canadians out there, "homo" is short for homogenized milk... aka whole milk.) No, I have no idea why the signs are there.


Pam said...

OMG! Baked Expectations is the best!!! Love, love, love their lemon cheesecake. That's one of the many things I miss about The 'Peg. And all the fabulous people. It's not called Friendly Manitoba for nothing! The next time you are at Baked, have a slice for me.

noricum said...

Will do. ;)