Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mason-Dixon Inspired Knitting

I deviated from the pattern just a bit here in order to use up leftovers:
MDK Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono
Isn't it adorable?!? It's currently in the wash to soften up the lighter beige, which wasn't quite as soft, and to even out the taupe, which was a bit uneven from being knit and frogged several times. Now all it needs is an adorable little baby to stuff in it!!! ;)

This bib is based on the baby bib o' love, but in dimensions only:
MDK Inspired Log Cabin Baby Bib
It's log cabin style, again using up leftovers. The center pink and the light beige are leftover from the kimono leftovers, and the outer pink is leftover from the Absorba leftovers. Now I just need a button. (Preferably a leftover, I think! ;) )

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