Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Is there some sort of big internet virus attack going on today? 'Cuz it's slooooooow as molasses in a March cold snap today, and it's not thawing even with the warmer temperatures out this afternoon. Flickr kept telling me to cut back on the clicking this morning, and now it seems that *nothing* is moving fast... which leads me to suspect that it's not just something local. (Unless it is something on campus, and Flickr acting up was just a coincidence...?)\

Well, we'll see if this post manages to make it before I pack up for the day. :P


Deneen said...

I couldn't view you picture on your last post (the socks) unless I went to another page-so I suspect it's Flickr

noricum said...

The 'net is much faster here at home... so it must be both Flickr and U of M acting up.