Sunday, March 04, 2007

Absorba Jr

Absorba Jr

I stopped early because I was running out of scraps: I ended up with only four partial balls left. (In fact, I was working from both ends of two of them in order to finish the last stripe!) However, It works in the small bathroom. ;)

(Well, techinically I still need to weave in the initial and final ends, but my fingers hurt. I'll do that tomorrow.)

The peach even matches the wall colour! :)


Bron said...

That looks great! I love those colors together. :)

Deneen said...

They are perfect for shower stall mats.

Elmore-Pisgah site sells the triple cable cotton (like 2 strands held together) rather reasonably, although I'm not sure about shipping to Canada-I have never seen that in the stores here and only Wal-Mart sells the Peaches N Cream near me.

noricum said...

Thanks! I was a bit worried about the purple and the red, but I love how it came together. :)

I saw that Elmore-Pisgah had the double worsted... that's how I figured out that double worsted was indeed equivalent to two strands of worsted. I used the regular worsted cotton because I had it and was wanting to use it up. This pattern did the trick! However, now my hands are killing me! no more bathmats for me for quite a while!

Tiffany said...

Great job on the Absorba Jr! The more completed projects I see from this book,the more I think that I really, really

I can't wait to see the finished kimono. :)