Friday, March 30, 2007

Tapestry Crochet Hat

I finished up the crocheting last night, all that's left is weaving in a few ends. (The red hat on the right is one I bought several years back.)
Tapestry Crochet Hat
Tapestry Crochet Hat
Tapestry Crochet Hat

Three balls of yarn was exactly right:
Tapestry Crochet Hat
(Unless C wanted a wider brim... but I think it's fine.)

Since it was nearly 11pm when I finished, I modelled the hat while wearing my sexy, sexy pajamas:
Tapestry Crochet Hat Tapestry Crochet Hat Tapestry Crochet Hat


Kare said...

oh wow! Tapestry crochet. Someday I'd like to try that. I like yours better than the one you purchased. Very good job. And your pj's are totally sexy. lol. They're just like mine.
: )

Zarzuela said...

Very cute! :)


Amy O'Neill Houck said...

How Awesome!Yours is so much nicer than the purchased one. Good job!

Deneen said...


noricum said...

Thanks everyone!

MrsFife said...

Very nice! Tapestry crochet is something I keep telling myself I should try. What yarn was it (I'm sorry if you mentioned it somewhere and I missed it!) and what pattern?

Bron said...

That is TOO cool!

noricum said...

The yarn is, um... let me grab a label. It's Estelle Young Touch Cotton DK. It's splitty as all get-out, but that actually seems to have made it perfect for tapestry crochet, since it hid the yarn being carried very well. It has something like twelve plies, where each ply is itself two-ply.

The pattern is my own. Given that I made it for an elongated head, I'm guessing it's not quite the right shape for the average person. I can give you a chart for the waves... the rest is pretty basic and/or didn't have a chart.

Tracey said...

Love your hat! It's much nicer than the one you bought.