Thursday, March 01, 2007

Feeling Blue

*sigh* I'm feeling blue.

Nicky's having problems too: when I went over to walk him, he didn't want to come out of the kennel. When he finally did, he was limping, shivering, whining... totally not himself. Instead of bounding by the gate to go for a walk, he was wimpering and lying down. I had no idea what was wrong... could someone have tried poisoning him? I talked to the neighbours, and he had been fine two hours earlier when they gave him a pig's ear to chew on. (They have dogs too, and like to give him treats.) Well, to make a long story short (and pricey), I took him to the vet. (I had no idea what was wrong, and didn't want him dying on me!) She thinks it's either something like a pulled muscle or a ligament. She gave him a shot of pain killers and some more for me to dose him. He's on "crate rest" for a week. No more walks for the next week. *sigh* Poor dog.

We're both down in the dumps.


jess said...

hey, blogger finally fixed things so I can comment again. I kept trying the other day, but the captcha image wasn't popping up. :(

Sorry to hear about you and Nicky! It does sound like a muscle/ligament. :/

jessie said...

Did you have Nicky tested for Lyme disease? Around Christmas our dog went lame overnight. (Front leg.) Shaking, weak, unable to stand.

We took him right to the vet and that was the diagnosis. While most dogs are asymptomatic, some get very sick and a lame front leg is typical. Sometimes it moves to another leg. Heavy antibiotics.

He had a lot of ticks this summer and apparently it takes a while for the illness to kick in.

Hope he is feeling better.

noricum said...

Tested, and no Lyme disease! Yay! Thanks for the tip!!!