Monday, July 02, 2007


Today wasn't so bad... the power washer is huge, but with ramps and a pulley (throw in a lever and we'd have an elementary physics lesson) it was fine. Well, except for the heat and mosquitoes.

I may be a slave, but we're missing the slave driver. All we did was bring the power washer in from the farm, then dad sent me home so he could fiddle with getting it working. (I actually walked Nicky instead... we weren't sure if both the kennel and the power washer would fit in the truck, so I felt the poor doggy got cheated out of a run. It was a short walk... after he went nuts over a rabbit I put him back in his yard and retreated to the air conditioning.) Anyway, when dad got it working (figured out what went where, and unclogged the nozzle), he decided it was too hot to start the stripping (of the old paint... get your minds out of the gutter!).

Blah, blah, blah. I'm rambling. I don't feel like being alone, but neither do I feel like hanging out with my dad. But that's pretty much the options. Well, I suppose there's the lady next door, but I don't feel like "visiting". I feel like not being alone. I could try calling friends, but it's getting late to arrange anything, even if they were around and not out at the lake. It's times like this that having a lake that isn't eight hours away is an advantage. I suppose I could call long-distance friends, but it's kind of late in the evening for that too.

So here I am, attempting to hang out with you guys. I'll post here, then I'll check out your blogs. (Oooo... Deneen's got a new post, and Bron has two, and...)

Well, I'm off to read blogs. Cheerio!

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