Thursday, July 05, 2007

Haloscan Hates My Browser

First at Sara's blog, now at Jewels' blog... leaving a comment using Haloscan crashes my browser (Safari). Sorry Haloscan users... but until it's fixed (and someone has kindly informed me), I won't be leaving comments at your blogs. :(

Bad Haloscan! Not nice!

Will you miss me?


jess said...

have you tried firefox for os x? I found it to run MUCH smoother than safari -- safari also likes to suck up all of my ram on my mac. just offering, but perhaps you prefer safari :)

noricum said...

I use Firefox for Ravelry, since that is what they recommend, but it has quirks that I'm not fond of. Perhaps as I get used to it, I'll like it better, and figure out the secret tricks for doing what I want. (Like keyboard commands for switching between tabs.)

If I *really* want to leave a comment, I'll try Firefox, but it's a bit of a pain to copy the URL over... having more steps is annoying, and I'm lazy. ;)

ina said...

I found you through google--Safari crashes everytime I try to access haloscan, too. This has been going on for a week--it never happened before.

Please let me know if you solve it... Thanks.

noricum said...

Yeah, it used to be fine. I imagine Haloscan updated something which is causing the problem. Hopefully they'll fix it soon. If I discover it works again, I'll let you know.

noricum said...

(Assuming I can find you... clicking on your name brought up an error page in myspace.)