Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Crafting Update

I've been working on some socks, but they're just not that exciting:
Crochet Sock WIP
I had wanted to start the CTH Birches sock yarn, but didn't manage to get it balled before I had finished the previous pair. This yarn came balled, plus it was summer yarn, so I started on it, even though I wasn't that excited about them. (How could I be, when I've done several other Regia Cotton Surf socks, and had exciting new yarns in my stash?)

Well, on Friday, I got mail! I'm making a pair of socks for JanKnit out of yarn she dyed herself, on the left in this photo:
Sock Yarn
She sent the KnitPicks Essentials for *me*! Thanks JanKnit! (Mmmm... gifts of sock yarn!) The yarn on the right is the CTH Birches balled... I needed to finish balling it before I could ball JanKnit's yarn.

I decided to put my not-so-exiting sock on hold, and started JanKnit's socks:
Crochet Sock WIP

In other news, I've started replying the silk that loopykd sent me:
Handspun Silk
Mmmmmm.... purdy! See that thick twist off to the right? That's accumulated excess from one ply that was looser than the other. The excess has gotten to be a real pain, but I'm nearly done with the replying of the plyed yarn. Then I'll attach the singles, and continue plying. (The small ball at the bottom is all that's left that needs replying, the large ball is the singles.)

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