Monday, July 09, 2007

Water Bottle Holder

Water bottle holder still at the "functional" stage. I haven't gotten any further with the decorative part. (I blame the stained glass...)


Deneen said...

I came online this AM to find a pattern specifically for a water bottle holder for Elena and her summer program-this is cute!

noricum said...

Thanks! It's pretty easy to just wing it. I'd write the pattern down, but I'm using a bunch of crazy-gauge yarns from stash. ;) Basically you crochet a circle until it's the same size as the bottom of the water bottle, then stop increasing and make the cylinder part until it's as high as you want. Then add straps. I put a bit of tapering at the bottom, and on one side I did two layers (one through the front loop, one through the back), then joined these two layers after an inch and a half or two inches... this gave me a hole to use as a belt loop should I wish to do so.