Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Why is it that lately I keep waking up at 5:45? I'm (normally) able to get back to sleep okay, but it would be nice to not have that wake-up.

Of course, this morning (and last night) I had an extra-hard time sleeping. Besides being 26 C in my bedroom, my uncle's car broke down on the way back from Flin Flon, so he had it towed into Winnipeg and spent the night. He didn't arrive until after 11 pm, then was fed, showered (in the basement, where it disturbed me), and stuff. (Plus it meant that I did sleep in my bedroom, instead of on the couch where it was cooler.) Then, because he wanted to be at the dealership bright and early, they were all up and making noise around 6 am. *sigh* I love my uncle lots, and know that he didn't choose to have his car break down... but it sure would have been nice had I been able to catch up on sleep like I was planning. :P

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