Monday, July 30, 2007

Sockapalooza 4 Socks Done

Well... what do you think?

Sockapalooza 4 Socks

Sockapalooza 4 Socks


Deneen said...

OMG-those are so cute-I love the natural color part you added-awesome!

Knittah said...

Too cute! I love the scrolly bit at the top.

Katy said...

Yay for completion!

I think that I might have to take you up on the send yarn and measurements, get socks offer, because I am curious about how the crocheted socks fit.

I learned how to knit because of self-striping sock yarn. I crocheted, but wanted to make socks, and didn't think that it would work as well in crochet. Maybe I was wrong.

noricum said...

Thanks! :)

Katy: Feel free to take me up on the offer... lots have, and so far no one has regretted it. (At least, that they've told me!)

Tara said...

I love those colors. They look so comfy. My granny used to crochet me socks all the time and I loved wearing them to bed on cold nights because they were so much warmer than knit socks.

Vera H. said...

Those are beautiful!