Thursday, July 26, 2007

Weather Magic

Here's the hat I'm working on in order to get the heatwave to break:
Crochet Hat WIP

Here's another photo (taken before I started the brim) that shows the top:
Crochet Hat WIP

And my weather magic worked (or, coincidentally, the weather broke). Last night was a dark and stormy night. Well, it was more like late afternoon or early evening, but the clouds made it as dark as twilight, the wind was crazy, and it *poured*. It didn't rain for long, but dad's rain gauge said we got half an inch in that short time. Parts of the city got hail, and there was lightning too. There were tornado warnings, but I don't think we got any of those. Here's what it looked like after the worst abated and it occurred to me to grab my camera:

Today the temperature is *much* cooler, although it was still rather damp out this morning when I left the house.


Deneen said...

Cute hat!

Daph said...

Wow, sounds like quite a storm! We had one a couple of days ago -- I'm still not used to the damp, muggy feeling here.

I love that hat pattern -- it looks so lacy and cool! Did you make it up, or is based on another pattern?

noricum said...

It starts off with the first five rounds of the petite pineapple doily:
then sixth and following rounds are nearly the same as row six in the pattern, but (dc, ch 1) in the tr is replaced with just dc. Then I did several rounds of sc (still in white), followed by rounds of sc in blue with six evenly spaced increases per round.

The yarn I'm using is Elann Endless Summer Collection Lara (I think it's discontinued, in the variegated if not the solid) and a D hook.