Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Docs... of one sort

Once again, I arrived home too late to call the shrink. However, I did have a doctor appointment today... with my allergist. Twenty-four "mosquito bites" revealed that yes, I still shouldn't eat sesame seeds, eggs are still a problem, but nuts didn't register much. Yay! I've signed up for a nut challenge next Wednesday. Mmmm... almonds! Here I come!!!

The wheat-bite did welt (once again), so I was sent to the vampire to check if I'm celiac. If nothing else, hopefully this will be one less thing for mom to nag me about. (She thinks if I go off wheat, my joints will feel better.)

Since I was having a date with a vampire anyway, the allergist wrote down to check for West Nile antibodies... so soon I shall know if I did indeed have WNV last month. (Probably not... but might as well check.) Given how mosquitoes love me (allergist aside), I expect I'll get WNV at some point in my life. (Barring them wiping out either the desease or the mosquitoes that carry it.)

For the viewing pleasure of sadists, my itchy allergy tests:
Allergy Skin Test
Click to flickr page for notes.

As if my arms weren't wounded enough, I raided the raspberry bushes on the way home (as usual), and managed to slice a small gash in my finger while preparing dinner. Whoops!

Well, it's past time for bed. Hopefully tonight I won't have trouble falling asleep!

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KelliAmanda said...

I'll be quite interested to hear if you have celiac. If so, that could seriously be the answer to a number of problems, despite being a pain in the ass to live with.