Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stained Glass

Stained Glass

The birds would probably look better with a second coat, but I'm not sure I care. (Perhaps I should leave the decision until after I'm not crashing on the couch?) Part of the problem is that the leading on the birds is thinner, which means I can't apply the other paint as thick or the paint will run over the lines.

Anyway, this is how it'll look with light behind it. Not that there'll ever be any light behind it once it's installed in the cupboard.


Julie said...

Wow! It looks fabulous!

noricum said...


Katy said...

ooo... now I get it. I've been waiting to see what the FO looked like before asking questions. You painted glass to get a stained-glass look. The fabric in all the WIP photos (and my theater background) made me think that you were doing a painting that was supposed to look like stained glass, some sort of translucency technique, perhaps?

Well, it looks great, and it makes much more sense now why you needed special "stained glass paints".

noricum said...

There wasn't any fabric in the previous photos. I think what you thought was fabric was the plain newsprint I had set under the glass so that I didn't have the dark table obscuring what I was working on.

But yep, just painted glass to look like stained glass. :)