Thursday, July 19, 2007



I've started attempting to spin for my tuque... this roving is *lovely* to spin (thanks Jess!!!!), but I'm still spinning thinner than the Manos. I thought I was doing okay, but after washing it and setting the twist, it looks more like a sportweight than a heavy worsted. Perhaps it will puff up a bit when it dries?

Well, I only washed what's shown on the spindle here... I have the rest to make a second attempt at spinning a thick single.

This roving produces such lovely, squooshy singles! (Perhaps it's because I'm purposely putting less spin on them? I don't know.)

Jess has told me several times what breed this roving is, but I stupidly keep forgetting to write it down on the paper I keep it wrapped in, so I can't tell you. Well, perhaps I can look it up in my gmail... (off to search gmail)... nope, didn't find it.

Woo hoo! Thank goodness for blogs! I found my original blog post, and the fiber is colonial. :)

Anyway, to set the twist, I abused the singles a bit. I tried to felt them slightly by rinsing with both hot and cold water (alternating), agitating it a bit (hand plunging), and then giving the hank some tugs to straighten the singles before laying them flat to dry. The yarn is laying nice and flat, so I think it must have worked. I'll post another photo when the yarn is dry.


jess said...

yeah, it's a bit rougher than some of the stuff you've been spinning, I think, but the color was very YOU.

Have you tried thwacking it? It may puff up a bit when you do that. Also, are you spinning woolen or worsted? that can make a difference too.

It looks great though! I love it! :)

noricum said...

I think I'm spinning worsted... that's the one where the fibers are aligned with the direction of the yarn, right?

Thwacking it will puff it up? I assume this is while it's dry, right?