Friday, July 20, 2007

Handspun Rescue

I was browsing Flickr the other week, and loopykd was having a yarn emergency with her handspun silk. She thought there was no hope. I begged her to send it to me for untangling, rather than throw it out. She sent both the tangled singles and what she had plied so far. They arrived today:
Handspun Rescue
After about an hour of intense concentration, I had rescued the singles:
Handspun Rescue
They're recuperating now... I need to reball them into a center-pull ball and then ply them, but they're definitely out of the woods!

Anyone else have yarn that needs rescuing?


jess said...

wow, impressive! :)

actually, I do! And you are welcome to it -- it's cherry tree hill supersock in Java, which is a nice variegated brown. It's horribly tangled and just sitting around on my desk (which actually means it probably has cat hair on it, so maybe I shouldn't offer it to you!). It's been sitting there for over a year !!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Andrea! You are very good at rescues.


Knitted Gems said...

An amazing bit of patience you have there, Noricum. Great rescue work!