Sunday, July 15, 2007

L&V Mileage

Whoa... I haven't calculated mileage since May!

Here's where I currently stand...

pairs of socks: 11.75 x 400 yards (I'm currently half-way through the second sock for Fluxx)
Clapotis: 400 yards
squid eyes: 2 (estimating at one blanket square worth of yarn)
bookmark: 1 (estimating at two blanket squares worth of yarn)
blanket squares: 105 - 46.5 = 58.5 (actual squares)

4700 yards + 400 yards + (61.5 x 24.5 yards) = 6606.75 yards = 3.75383523 miles

So I definitely made my original 3 mile goal (although not in the original three months), but I definitely slowed down after that.

Oh... and once upon a time, Sara asked me about the Lime and Violet Podcast... click here for the blog. :) (I subscribe through iTunes.)

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