Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ring... ring... ring...

Just for the heck of it, I decided to try giving a few of my friends a call. (Even though it's probably a bit late, being nearly 9:00 here, making it nearly 10:00 in two of the places I tried.) No one was home. *sigh* Oh well. Kelli, Paulina, and Jennie: Hi! Sorry I missed you!

Anyone else feel like a phone call? I've got free long distance to anywhere in Canada and the US. ;)

For all you Americans: Happy 4th of July tomorrow! I'm sorry the 4th is falling on a Wednesday... that sure makes it kind of hard to have a long weekend!


Deneen said...

You can call me on Thursday Andrea-we'll be home all day. I email you the number

Bethany said...

I actually just left you a message. I was home, I was just on the phone with my mom. I heard beeping and thought it might be call waiting, but since I haven't a clue how call waiting works on my phone that's as far as I got.

I'm pretty dead tonight since I got in so late last night and had an early lab meeting, but yeah, we should talk later this week. Thursday evening? I think have free long distance in the US and Canada, too (well, up to 500 minutes a month but I never use it up) so there's no excuse for not talking except for the whole "calling people freaks me out for no good reason" thing.

Paulina said...

We're in Gulf Shores, AL on vacation; check my blog for all the gory details. :P

Did you try calling my cell phone? Do you happen to have a 204 area code? I noticed I'd missed a call with that area code that my phone said came through around 8:52 p.m. I didn't call back 'cause I didn't recognize the number.

noricum said...

Paulina: I just read your blog. Whoops! I kind of guessed that people might be travelling, given the holidays going on now.

Yes, I did call your cell. (You said to try that before because sometimes you can't get up from Corwin to get the regular phone.) Yes, my area code is 204.