Monday, July 23, 2007

New Tuque

Well, I finished off the tuque.

Earlier tonight I realized I had messed up the number of decreases (too few), and was contemplating what to do. Mom asked me why I was staring at my knitting, so I told her. I asked her if she thought I should rip back or keep going. She said she thought it needed a tail. Genius!

New Tuque New Tuque

New Tuque

I had idly wondered if I should make this as a gift for someone, but it's too ridiculous for that now. However, I think it's perfect for quirky me.

This tuque is begging to be called "huffalump hat." So I will. (Not heffalump, huffalump.)

Oh... and mom has asked me to switch from knitting cold-weather items to warm-weather items. (I had previously told her about my magical ability to affect the weather, causing it to be the opposite of what I'm knitting for.) And since it's 25.8 C in the *basement* (where I sleep), and the windowbox AC units are struggling... I *agree*! (Hmmm... but I really want to finish off Durrow! Perhaps if I work on warm-weather stuff at home, between that and the really slow lunchtime progress on Durrow, that will be enough for lovely, not-too-warm days?)

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