Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Feeling Happy

I did eventually get ahold of a friend to talk to (yay! A good friend I haven't talked to in ages... it was great!), and made arrangements with two others to call on Thursday. (Assuming, of course, I can remember the days of the week, that I have friends, and that the little black contraption on the side table allows me to communicate with them.)

I think whatever bug I had has gone away too... I don't think my tummy bothered me at all today (that I can remember, at least), and I felt more awake during the day. Of course, I seem to have reset my internal clock, and am now having trouble falling asleep at 1:30 am. ;) I didn't bother calling the doctor... is there any point now that I'm feeling better?

Well, I felt like coming up and blogging about being happy. (With my folks gone, I've left my laptop in the living room.) I think I'll read a few blogs, and then perhaps I'll be able to sleep.

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Deneen said...

Good for you and feeling better-