Thursday, July 26, 2007

Doily Hat "Pattern"

It starts off with the first five rounds of the petite pineapple doily, then sixth and following rounds are nearly the same as row six in the pattern, but (dc, ch 1) in the tr is replaced with just dc. Then I did four rounds of sc (still in white), followed by fourteen rounds of sc in blue with six evenly spaced increases per round.

The yarn I'm using is Elann Endless Summer Collection Lara (I think it's discontinued, in the variegated if not the solid) and a D hook.

I still need to weave in the ends, but I think it's otherwise done:
Doily Hat


Daph said...

Awesome -- looks like it's great for warm weather. Thanks for sharing! :D

noricum said...

Thanks! I tested it today (even before I wove the ends in), and it's *much* better than my other one. :)