Friday, July 06, 2007

Hyla Park (Fredericton)

Later that weekend a friend and I walked over to Hyla Park, a frog refuge. It was incredibly *hot* and mosquitoey... and we didn't see any of the special frogs. Just a regular leopard frog and several garter snakes. It turns out the park was for *tree* frogs, which tend to hide and sleep during the hot day... whoops! But at any rate, we saw some pretty flowers.

Hyla Park
Forest Flowers

I think if I *did* have West Nile Virus, this would have been where I got it. If you go, WEAR REPELLANT!!!

Oh... and between the heat and the exercise? I think I *did* get heat stroke! I was on the verge of calling a cab to go back to the dorm (at the top of the hill!), when I spotted a place with slurpees. After sitting and having one, I got a second wind that managed to push me up the hill.

*phew*... except for a couple of Swatchy posts, I think that takes care of Fredericton blogging. :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Slurpee was a great idea. The first thing we did after leaving the Spirit Sands this week was to buy popsicles. There's nothing like brain freeze to make you forget how hot you are!


noricum said...

I whole-heartedly agree! If Chapel Hill had slurpees every few meters, I might have survived there. ;)