Sunday, July 01, 2007

Canada Day

Today is Canada Day. Earlier dad and I went to Lower Fort Garry. It was fun. :) (I took a few pics which I'll upload later.)

I was hearing fireworks a few minutes ago, but they've stopped now. Fireworks are those things where, if I'm home, I wish I were there, but if I'm there, I wish I were home away from the mosquitoes. ;)

Tomorrow, most people will be having a holiday. (In place of Canada Day which falls on a Sunday, so we get a long weekend anyway.) However, I will not be having a holiday. From what I understand, I'll be helping my father load and unload an industrial strength power washer into and out of his truck. Frankly, I'd rather scrape the flaking paint off by hand, but dad doesn't listen to me. Last time dad tried using a power washer to scrape paint off, it also gouged the wood. He *says* it just needs to be adjusted properly. Given the state of the wood, I think if we adjust it low enough, it also won't take the flaking paint off.

Oh well, it's his house. I'm just the slave labour. (I say that with the utmost respect. And who knows... he may be planning to pay me.)

I'm glad the spot in the middle of my back that was *killing* me yesterday and this morning seems to have calmed down. (I would have gone to a chiropractor, but I highly doubt there were any open.) My full-body, *ohmygodIhavewestnilevirus* body aches seem to have subsided too. (The mind is a powerful thing. Did my body really hurt? It sure felt like it did.)

My tummy is still unhappy, though, and I'm still more tired than post-prozac-usual.

Think of me tomorrow, as you *aren't* loading/unloading an industrial strength powerwasher. If I'm alive tomorrow night, I'll post to let you know how it went.

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