Monday, March 28, 2005

The Niftiest Socks Ever!

Well, there may be niftier socks out there, but these are the niftiest I've ever owned! My sockapalooza socks arrived today! Aren't they awesome?

Here's a feet-in-socks shot:

Unfortunately, that last photo was a bit difficult to take... my feet are clunkier than the socks:

Yep, you see what you think you see. Pointy toed sock, and clunky, square toed foot. In fact, the purple sock is a left-foot-only sock. My big fat right ankle wouldn't fit in the purple sock, but the slightly wimpier left ankle just barely managed. Although I got my feet in, they're very tight. I need to e-mail my sock pal to see if I should expect them to stretch, or if I'll damage them trying to wear them. :( I really don't want to hurt my nifty socks... they're sooooo pretty, and must have taken *ages* to make!

Thank you sock pal! They're gorgeous, and I love them! I just wish I could wear them...

More good news tonight... my cousin Margie sent me a really nice card (to go along with her nice phone call), I ate a real dinner, *and* I washed all my dishes! I didn't get on my bike tonight... but I did ride an hour yesterday. (Although my scale still had nasty words for me this morning... even worse than usual!)

Well, I should e-mail my sock pal, and then head to bed. I made some proposal progress today, so I should get up bright and early and make even more progress tomorrow.


jess said...

those are great socks! sorry they don't fit quite right. your feet look to be shaped a bit like mine. heh. :) they are gorgeous, though!

Mo said...

Could you try blocking them a little bigger? They are geogeous though :D

noricum said...

The problem is that the threads running across the back prevent them from stretching. Will blocking change this?