Friday, June 01, 2007


Do I look *old*?!?

I went to bed early last night... I had stayed up late the night before (there was a fascinating 3 part series on PBS on "Craft in America") and was tired. Around 11:30 pm I was awakened by some people talking rather loudly in the hall. *grump* I got up to use the bathroom, but didn't bother with my glasses. (I'm not that blind.) I kind of had my eyes screwed up because of the light after being in the dark, and not wearing my glasses. As I crossed the hall and entered the bathroom, I heard the girls voices hush and one of them tell the other "she's so *old*!" (I'm pretty sure that's what she said. But who knows... perhaps in my old age I'm going deaf and misheard.)

What!?!?!? Where does she get off saying that! Harumph! Stupid whipper-snapper!


jess said...


no way she was talking about you, if that is what she said. you don't look old at all. :)

noricum said...

Sadly, I was the only one there to talk about! :P

But thanks. :)

Deneen said...

You know you aren't old, but I remember being 20 and thinking 30 was so damn old..........I also now say, when someone says they are 60, that's young! It's all relative!

jess said...

I think they were talking about someone who wasn't there -- like a celebrity or something like that. Not you. heh.