Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Walk Around Fredericton

I *really* needed a walk at lunch. Why don't you join me through these photos?

Walking Bridge View From Bridge View From Bridge Church Sculpture
I'll be sure to take more photos on other walks... Fredericton is a pretty city.

I ended the walk with an ice cream ("wild blueberry") and some retail therapy:
Retail Therapy
(Pretty pink bag!!!) The sock yarn is a cotton blend (includes wool, sorry Bron) that I haven't seen before, and thus *had* to try. There were a lot of colour choices at the store. In case you haven't seen it either, here's a close-up of the ball band:
Ballband 2
After tax it was only $13.10! Canadian! (They had two colours of Regia Bamboo too, but it was rather pricier... I may decide to try it anyway, just out of curiosity.)

The walk helped, but I'm still feeling kind of lonely or "hide in a dark corner"... anyone have a phone plan where they can call Canada for free? I can send you my office and residence numbers. ;)

PS: Knittah, I didn't have Swatchy with me. I'll take him to the yarn store another time.

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