Sunday, May 27, 2007


It must not be a hangover because it's still killing me. It subsided some during the day, but now it's keeping me from falling asleep. :(

I stopped in at a little grocery store, but they wanted over $5 for a bottle of 24 Tylenol. I didn't want to pay that, and there was another grocery store between me and home. However, when I got there, it turns out it was closed for the day. Bummer!

I hope my head stops pounding soon.

Another annoyance is that if I shift-tab in Safari to go from the labels field back to the area where I write the posts, I crash Safari. I don't know if the bug is Safari or Blogger... this particular shift-tab bug only happens when writing Blogger posts. I wonder if Blogger and/or Safari read "freedback" posts?


Scattered Gemini said...

Did you try Excedrin? Tylenol does not usually touch my headaches, it's only good for my body aches or to reduce a fever. Excedrin, however, always works like a charm!

Hope your head is better by now?!

noricum said...

I wasn't able to try anything, since there wasn't an open grocery store (besides the one that was now farther away than I wanted to walk). It is gone now, thankfully. ;)