Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Falling Down

I nearly placed a sock yarn order last night. The only thing that stopped me from falling off the wagon is that Simply Socks Yarn Company still had my Chapel Hill billing address, and I couldn't see a way to change it. Here's what was in my cart after I pared it down some:
  • Crystal Palace Panda Cotton, one skein each of 0432 and 0435 for a pair of mish-matched** socks.
  • Opal Petticoat 1292... yeah, I need more wool socks like I need a hole in the head... but it's on *sale*... and there's a dearth of pastels and pinks in my sock collection...
  • Koigu KPPPM P829... what can I say? It's Koigu. That pink speaks to me. And blue. I love blue.
  • Meilenweit Cotton in 54 pink and 55 fuschia for stripey socks. No, I have *no* idea where this pink urge is coming from.
  • More Meilenweit Cotton in 59 green and 60 lime. Can't have too many stripey socks! ;)
With shipping, my cart came to ~$86 USD. I hemmed. I hawed. I clicked buy... and then saved myself when the billing address was wrong. *Phew!*

Allison fixed my billing address today. Hmmm... what if I pared it down a bit more? Perhaps to: That would bring it down to $59 USD...

Well, I really shouldn't be ordering yarn when I'm about to leave for five weeks. I wouldn't get to play with it for so long! And it would lessen what I could spend on "souvanier yarn". I think I'll restrain myself for now, and see what I accidentally pick up in Toronto and Fredericton.

**I just made that term up. It means socks using two different yarns as two different main colours, with heels and toes in the opposite colour. Or something along those lines. My mish-matching scheme changes depending on my whim when I place hook to yarn. ;)

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Knittah said...

definitely save the money for lettuce knit and other toronto spots.