Thursday, May 17, 2007

Temptations & Rules

Mmmm... the latest Elann yarn tempting me! I love the colours... I think they'd make a lovely summer top or two or... but no. I *must* finish some of my stash projects first!

So, here are my personal shopping and other rules for my upcoming trip:
  • I will not buy a yarn I can buy locally in Winnipeg. Unless:
    • it's at a *reallyreallyreally* good price *and* it's something I *really* want,
    • is local to where I am and I really like it,
    • comes in a must-have colourway that I haven't seen locally, or
    • is needed for something I'm working on *right then*.
  • spinning fiber is allowed (I can't get any locally), particularly fibers or breeds I haven't tried yet (which is most)
  • sock yarn is allowed (I go through it so fast)
  • dpns are allowed in sizes I don't have
  • needles for projects I'm going to start *right then* are allowed if I don't have the correct ones with me
  • purchases must fit in my suitcases... unless I need something to work on *right then* (and even then will preferrably fit in my suitcases)
  • I will not go hog-wild with fiber spending... souvenirs are allowed, but I should remain frugal (the suitcase rule should help here)
  • I will not complain about the cost of restaurant food... I am being paid enough that I shouldn't end up in the hole, no matter what I spend on food. Being stingy (or grumpy due to spending) at mealtimes makes me unpleasant to be around, and that is undesireable when I'm a guest.
  • I will not pack a gazillion projects that I don't end up working on. I will bring the following:
    • the current socks in progress (they're ones I'll wear when they're done, since they're a cotton blend and for me),
    • yarn for my sockapalooza pal's socks
    • yarn for Fluxx's socks (if it arrives in time, which I doubt)
    • tapestry crochet hat WIP
    • hyperbolic plane WIP (for the professor in Toronto)
    • my travel spindle (in case I buy fiber, but no unspun fiber)
    • my Boye Needlemaster set, and Susan Bates quicksilver crochet hooks
    • the pattern for Fiber Trends felted clogs (I may purchase the yarn if I finish the hat and don't have a project from souvenir yarn already purchased)
I'm undecided on whether I'll let myself bring yarn for a charity hat... I'm not entirely sure I'll get it done in time, and I don't want to bring it if it's just taking up space. I should probably leave it at home, and make a hat for a local charity later.

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