Sunday, May 27, 2007


Feets hurts. *sulk* Either the shoes and sandals I'm wearing these days have insufficient cushioning and/or support, or I'm really getting out of shape. Or perhaps this is related to the fact that my feet start hurting the instand I attempt to stand in skates? Dunno. But anyway, I just spent the last three and a half hours walking. I'd say mostly uphill, but topologically I know that it can't have been more than half uphill, since I finished where I started.

I wandered over to stripmall-land to pick up a few essential res-life items (like a shower caddy) and a few grocery items I hadn't found at Sobeys last night. Thankfully I did indeed find a dollar store. And a bulk food store, a Zellers (Americans: think Walmart-like), and another Sobeys. I need to check the map to see which is closer. Even if it's not closer, I may visit this one since it's uphill on the way there, as opposed to the way back.

Head still hurts a bit. I should have bought some tylenol or something. I think I'll go drink some water.

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