Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cruelty To Children

None Of These Is Different

I don't know about you, but this type of publishing error drives me around the bend. I keep thinking I must be missing something...


omly said...

The center one is a lighter green I think.

Paulina said...

Actually, the one in the middle is different. It has one fewer teeth in its bottom jaw than the other two (look at the itty bitty tooth closest to the back of its mouth).

Btw, you no longer need to feel quite so bad about the squid toque with too few limbs...my mom bought Corwin a baby outfit with octopi on it, and every single one has either 5 or 6 legs. I supposed the extras are supposed to be "hidden in the back" but I just think it looks odd.

noricum said...

Whoops, thanks! I didn't notice that missing tooth!

Suzanne said...

Argh, a counting exercise. :P I didn't notice it, either, until I read the comments.

Seems rather lame that the only difference is a subtle difference in quantity. If the difference affected the MEANING of the drawing, it'd be less lame. eg, Two (analog) clocks say 1:00, and one says 11:00.

Suddenly I've lost my train of thought, if there was any. Karim and 10-yr-old boy here, humming and talking and about to look over a shoulder...


Thanks for the posts! I think I could learn something from them.

Take care. I miss you. I must write, I feel so guilty for not...

But for whatever it's worth, tonight I really felt like saying "hi". Which, I think, is more personable than sitting down to a deluge of emails as if it's an "assignment."

I should do more of these quick, light things... don't you think? Get out of that "haunted basement" mentality I seem to exhude, whenever I post. ;) (Your outdoor pictures are lovely, BTW.)

But enough about ME; this is YOUR blog! Writing and reading regularly would save me a million excuses. And, it would get me out of the "haunted basement." ;)

I want a girls' night out, dammit. :P

Anyway... Happy 'gator hunting. GOOD NIGHT. :) (Paranoia about my fiance and guest setting in, now... Must do wire jewelry or read.)