Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wallyworld Purchases

Wallyworld Purchases

Wallyworld is evil, but also economical and convenient. I now have sandals again (not expensive, but also hopefully not cheap enough that they're crap), some vivid blue not-so-nasty acrylic for hyperbolic plane(s), and a splurge on some glass beads.

I had also intended on getting some feltable wool for slippers, but they didn't have Patons Classic Wool like I wanted. They didn't even have Lion Wool. They did have some sort of non-obvious-brand-name "mercericed wool", but I have no idea how mercerizing affects feltability, and the balls had no indication of yardage either. With a tight budget, I want to know what I'm buying will work.

I had intended on buying sandals from a store other than Wallyworld, but I happened to check the shoe section on my way to the cash register. I couldn't find any obvious faults with these, and they're pretty much exactly what I want. Hopefully they'll last at least until the more expensive sandals go on clearance. ;)


April said...

Cute sandals. I almost always buy my summer sandals at Walmart because I wear them out by summer's end. Why buy expensive shoes that you know you'll replace the following year no matter what? I have to say, though, I did cheat on Walmart this year and bought them at Target. Oh well. :)

noricum said...

I keep holding out hope that a pair will last me more than a single season. I had one pair that I managed to get an entire year's use out of (I was down in Chapel Hill, and wore them exclusively year-round), but other pairs will wear out after as little as a month. :P I was told with that pair that I "walk too much". Sheesh! What are shoes *for* if not for walking!?!?