Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I *do* have something of interest (to me) to report: yesterday I ate at a Falafel place! I haven't tried before because I know they use sesame in some items, but I wasn't sure which. And the line at those places also tends to be long enough that I don't want to ask lots of questions. Last night, however, the line was pretty short. :) (And we were the last in line, solving that problem.) So I explained that I had a severe sesame allergy, and was it possible for me to eat there. Yes! It was! I had a falafel plate with the hummus replaced by rice (I had a choice of rice or potatoes). Everything was tasty. Yum!

Although I did burn my tongue on the freshly cooked falafels. Ouch!

Still no sign of my advisor. (mild) *grump* I should have e-mailed him yesterday, but I wasn't entirely sure I'd find a place that was both quiet and had internet. Perhaps he'll show up in the next two minutes. If he's late, we'll certainly have to reschedule.

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Sara said...

yummmm... Falafel.....