Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy Feet!

Yay! Deneen's socks have arrived, fit, and she likes them! :)) I love making feet happy!

Vera and Celeste: this must mean your socks will be arriving soon! As should be the sock blockers for Shelly and Ann-Marie!

Could I possibly use more exclamation points in this post?!?!?!

Update: Celeste's socks have arrived! She'll be trying them on at home tonight to see if they fit. :)


April said...

I saw the socks on her blog and they look great! Nice and cozy.

Vera H. said...

I received my socks today, and they are wonderful!!!! You can see them on my latest blog post. Thank you.

What pattern do you use?

noricum said...


...but with a few other changes I haven't typed up. I add some increases before the heel at the top of the foot, and then some decreases after the heel at the back of the ankle. Then there's some more increases for the calf, of course.