Sunday, May 27, 2007


Ow. My head hurts this morning. Would one glass of white wine with dinner last night be enough to give me a hangover headache? I drank lots of water with dinner too. I was thirsty from walking there. Perhaps my head hurts because I didn't drink enough water to rehydrate myself? It was a long walk to dinner and back. And the way back was also uphill carrying a few groceries.

My room is at the opposite end of campus from the computer science department. It's possible for the two to be a bit farther apart, but not by much. There's also a significant altitude difference between the two. I'll be getting lots of exercise this next month!

My e-mail access went funny too, so now I'm back to dial-up. So I *can* browse the web, but only slowly. So you'll still have to wait for photos from Friday.


Wendy said...

Our you at a different elevation or are you on af? Those cause me headaches. Also, for some reason onions and nitrates give some people headaches. Wine has given me a headache before.

noricum said...

Hmmm... well, I did change altitutes in several ways yesterday... there's the difference between Toronto and Fredericton, the flight itself, and the fact that I'm on the fifth floor of a residence and the restaurant is down the hill by the river... ;)

It could be anything you mentioned. Or it could be coincidence. Dunno.

Paulina said...

By itself, I wouldn't think a single glass of wine with dinner would be enough to cause a headache the next morning. I'd be more likely to blame dehydration if you didn't drink enough water after all the walking you did.