Saturday, May 26, 2007

In Fredericton

Well, my residence room here in Fredericton isn't nearly as nice as the
one at York (this one is abut the size of a walk-in closet), but it has
the benefit of not smelling of smoke. Due to the, um, "network
security" in the residence, I can't use a web browser (not yet, at
least), but it seems to be letting me check and send e-mail. (This is
posted via e-mail.) So no photos from yesterday yet... I need a web
browser for that. Well, I suppose I could try uploading them with
Flickr uploader, but then I couldn't check what the urls for them were
anyway. So not much point in trying that. I could write the post, but
I don't feel like doing that when I can't add the photos yet.

I'm *dead* tired. I didn't get to bed last night until ~2:30 am.
Definitely time for bed. Toodles.

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