Friday, May 18, 2007

Slowly Going Crazy

Two of my crochet projects are trying to drive me crazy. The main culprit is my hat:
Tapestry Crochet Hat WIP
It was too big, so I ripped back, reduced the number of increase rows, and tried again. It was still too big, so I ripped back and reduced by two more of the increase rows. Guess what. It's now too small. However, I have a plan to add stitches in the row after the next row... hopefully that will do the trick.

The other crochet project driving me nuts is the hyperbolic plane:
Hyperbolic Plane WIP
It hasn't needed major ripping... just the occasional spot where I forgot to add the increase after five stitches. However, although I only started with 20 stitches in the first row, I've now reached a mind-numbing 331 stitches per row. Ah, the miracle of compound interest. If only I knew of a bank that offered 20% interest!

I must say... I'm rather tempted to start a charity hat just for something different! Especially since I'll be using heavy worsted yarn on bigger needles. A quick FO might be nice around about now.

Good news on the medical front: I get to go off Prozac. So that's one less way I'm crazy. ;)


Alexis said...

Sorry the hat's giving you a hard time! It's lovely, though.

Is the hyperbolic plane a scarf of sorts? Or something else entirely?

Happy Prozaclessness! (How's that for a word?)

noricum said...

The hyperbolic plane is just a mathematical model.