Monday, May 14, 2007

Tapestry Crochet Hat WIP

Tapestry Crochet Hat WIP

My hat WIP is at that funny stage where I'm pretty sure the circumference is wrong, but I can't really tell because there's not enough there to properly test. When I measured the circumference before crocheting straight for the sides, it was, if anything, a bit smaller than I wanted. Now it looks way too big. It could be gauge issues, or an optical illusion. I'll give it a bit longer before I frog.

I really like the top. The sides I'm not so sure about, but then there isn't really that much there to see yet. Again, I'll be able to tell better when I've got more done.

Nothing really to do except get more done.

I'd like to have this hat done before I travel... I'd like it to be the one I bring with me. I don't want to bring *both* this one and the Canada hat, which I'd have to do if I don't finish before hand. (Either that, or leave this one behind... which I don't want to do either.) So for now, this is my bus, lunch, and evening project (except when I need a break, and then I'll work on the hyperbolic plane). It'll be interesting to see if I can get this, the hyperbolic plane, *and* a charity winter hat done before the Yarn Harlot's talk. The charity hat is last on my list... it'll be my Toronto project, assuming I get the hyperbolic plane done in time.

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Zarzuela said...

It's definitely pretty one way or another!