Tuesday, May 22, 2007

La la la...

The talk is ready. I should practice, but I'm taking a bit of a break.

Except for smelling of smoke (which I think is mostly coming from the heating ducts, and isn't too bad with all the windows open and exhaust fans running), the residence is quite nice. I'm in the graduate residence. I have my own little apartment complete with kitchen (small by Canadian standards, large by New York standards, standard for graduate housing) and bathroom. My apartment is two stories, with the bathroom and bedroom upstairs.

This morning the convenience store on campus is open, so I bought some Cheerios. Am I forgetting something, or is $4.19 outrageously expensive for 300g of Cheerios? Oh well... I at least have some now.

For lunch yesterday we went to an Italian buffet. Buffet food is never as good as real stuff (it's the heat lamps), but it was quite acceptable and filling. So filling, in fact, that I skipped dinner and just had a bowl of cereal just before bed.

Right now I'm camped out in the main floor of the building that houses math, since there's wireless here. (Yay! Fast internet!)

York has a fairly pretty campus. i'm thinking of going to check out the pond (or was it creek?) that W mentioned yesterday. For some reason, now that my talk is ready and W isn't in, I feel like just relaxing. I have a nice "no pressure, nothing needs doing" feeling that I rarely have.

I think I'm done rambling here, so I'll go over and upload some photos and a post or two to the Swatchy blog.



Dianne said...

Good luck with your talk! BTW Cheerios makes a GREAT dinner - well balanced, fast, hardly any clean-up. What's not to like?

jess said...

convenience store = costs more for convenience

on campus = costs more

so yes, it is outrageously expensive, but you it's because it was purchased conveniently on campus. ;)

have fun with the talk! :D

Deneen said...

Hope the talk went well. Good for you on the apartment-at least you'll be comfortable during your stay.